All information about this COST Action, its aims and scopes, can be found in the FA1006-MoU.pdf

The Action FA1006 Fact Sheet gives information about the member countries and their representatives.

For dissemination the following documents can be used:

Action fact sheet FA1006





4th year

Minutes of the Final Conference in Sorrento

Minutes of the WG3 meeting in Warsaw

ISPMF conference book of abstracts


3rd year

Minutes of the SynBio Meeting 2014 in Helsinki

Minutes of the Strategy Meeting 2013 in Brussels

Book of abstracts from the Joint Meeting with TERPNET 2013

Programme of the 61st International congress of the GA, Münster, Germany


2nd year

Minutes of the WG1 & WG2 meeting in Porto 2013

2nd Annual Meeting in Cluj, 2012 Book of Abstracts

Workshop on Science commercialization 2012


1st year

WG1 meeting in Wageningen, Feb. 2012, Minutes

1st Annual Meeting in Murcia, Book of Abstracts

1st Annual Meeting in Murcia, Scientific report

Workshop on Communication strategies, Report Communication Workshop Munich.pdf







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