How to Join

How to join COST Action FA1006?

This question frequently arises when people are not familiar with the rules of COST. Basic information can be found here.

In short, check first if your country is already a member of this Action. Currently, there are 23 of the 36 COST countries participating in PlantEngine. If your country of residence is not listed, please contact the Chair of this Action as well as your COST National Coordinator (CNC).

Usually, there are two Management Committee members per country. If there are vacant positions and you want to take this responsibility, please also communicate with the Chair and the CNC.

In principal, every individual researcher from the currently participating countries can take part in a COST Actions activities in his or her field of scientific expertise. Please note, that joining an Action does not automatically qualify for reimbursement of expenses for meetings etc. Since funds are limited, this Actions MC has decided to only provide reimbursement for invited experts as well as participants who actively contribute to reach the Actions goals and milestones.

Beside that, everybody with interest in the topic is invited to attend meetings and events.

Non-COST countries

There are also posibilities of participation for researchers from Non-COST countries. Please contact the Chair.


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