Training Schools

Application open:

Standardized Modular Cloning for Plant Synthetic Biology: Applications in metabolic engineering and fruit biotechnology

9.-13. September 2013, Valencia (Spain)

(Local Organizer: Diego Orzaez)

A joint TS with COST Actions FA1106

see description here

find the program here


Metabolite Profiling Approaches in Microorganisms and Higher Plants

19.-22- March 2012, London (UK)

(local organizer: Paul Fraser)

A joint TS with COST Actions FA0907 (BIOFLAVOUR)


Virus induced gene silencing in cereal and non-cereal plant species

25.-29. June 2012, Rothamsted (UK)

(local organizer: Kostya Kanyuka)

A joint TS with COST Action FA0806



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