WG2 Meeting Porto, PT

Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 09:00 to Friday, March 1, 2013 - 14:00
Working Group Meeting

Draft program - subject to changes


Plant metabolic engineering for high value products

WorkGroup 2 Meeting

University of Porto, Portugal

February 28 -March 1, 2012


February 28

9.00       Wellcome and aims of the meeting

                Mariana Sottomayor, IBMC/FCUP, Portugal

9.05       Aims and deliverables of Plant Engine

              Heribert Warzecha, TU Darmstadt, Germany

9.20     WG1 Status quo and roadmap

9.20       Update on WG1

             Paul Fraser, RHU, UK

9.35       Isoprenoids. Status quo of pathway elucidation and metabolic engineering

              Paul Fraser , RHU, UK

9.50       Polyphenols. Status quo of pathway elucidation and metabolic engineering

              Stephan Martens, EMF, Italy

10.05     Benzylisoquinoline alkaloid biosynthesis – a brave new world built on a century of discovery

                          Peter Facchini, U Calgary, Canada

10.20     Biocatalytic Approaches to Industrial Plant Natural Products

              Ludger Wessjohann , Leibniz IPB, Germany

10.35     Discussion.

11.00     Coffee Break

11.30 WG2 Molecular Tools – North American experience in deep sequencing and metabolomics + PNP bottlenecks

11.30     The plant alkaloid factory: Should we modernize or move to a new location?

                Peter Facchini, University of Calgary, Canada

12.00     Advancing Drug Development and Chemical Production Platforms in Plants

               Joe Chappell, University of Kentucky, USA

12.30     Discussion.

13.00     Lunch

14.30   WG2 Molecular Tools – PNP bottlenecks

14.30     Major bottlenecks of plant natural product research

               Sarah O’Connor, JIC, UK 

14.50     Molecular breeding for improvement of plant natural products

              Ian A. Graham, UYork, UK

15.10     Major bottlenecks of PNP research and translation to industrial scale

                Stefan Schillberg, Fraunhofer, Germany

            15.30     Discussion

15.50     Coffee break

16.15     WG2 Molecular Tools – Synthetic biology/metabolic engineering tools

16.15     Reconstitution of plant natural product pathways in microorganisms

              Sarah O’Connor, JIC, UK

16.30     A molecular toolbox for plant metabolic engineering: the GoldenBraid technology

              Diego Orzaez, IBMCP, Spain,

16.45     A molecular toolbox for plant metabolic engineering: the GoldenGate technology

             Sylvestre Marillonet, IPB, Germany

             17.00     General Discussion.

17.30     WG2 Molecular Tools - Group discussions


         18.30     Port wine tasting – informal regroup discussions

         20.00     Dinner


March 1

               9.00       WG2 Molecular Tools - Group discussions

          10.30     Coffee break

          11.00     WG2 Molecular Tools - Final discussion

           12.30     Lunch


Meeting place

Círculo Universitário do Porto


Rua do Campo Alegre, 877

4150-180 Porto

Tel: 226 094 995

E-mail: geral@cup.up.pt


List of preferential Hotels:

Hotel Fénix Porto ****

Hotel Tuela Porto ***

Hotel Tuela Ala Sul


Map of the area



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