Training School on multiple gene assembly technologies for metabolic engineering and fruit biotechnology

Monday, September 9, 2013 - 14:00 to Friday, September 13, 2013 - 14:00
Training School

COST Actions FA1006 (PlantEngine) and FA1106 (QualityFruit) jointly organize a Training School,

to be held in Valencia, Spain.


Understanding the processes underlying fruit development (COST 1106) and conducting complex metabolic engineering (COST 1006) projects benefit from the construction of increasingly complex multigenic constructs. The range of application of the assembly technologies ranges from engineering novel biosynthetic pathways to transcriptional regulatory complexes. The assembly of several genes is still a challenge in many labs but the situation has changed recently with the improvements in gene synthesis and DNA assembly technologies.

Modular DNA construction technologies provide speed, versatility, lab autonomy, combinatorial potential and reduced costs. As any standardized methodology its maximum potential is achieved when it is used as a community resource as parts can be freely shared and exchanged. Recently two Modular Cloning strategies that facilitate multigene design in plants have been developed, namely MoClo and GoldenBraid.

The objective of this training school is to familiarize students from COST Actions FA1006 and FA1106 in the use of multigene assembly technologies. The course will provide hands on experience and will include (i) wet lab sessions aimed to guide the students through the different steps in the assembly technology, (ii) computer sessions for in silico assembly and computer-assisted design, and (iii) case-study lectures to exemplify applications of the technology for Plant Metabolic engineer and Fruit Biotechnology. Besides, trainees will receive a set of destination plasmids and laboratory protocols for training their multigene engineering skills back in their home laboratories.


Venue: Centro de Formación Permanente (CFP)

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Avda Tarongers SN

46022 Valencia



Course coordinator: Dr Diego Orzaez


Training School Organizers:

Heribert WARZECHA ……(COST Action FA1006)

Antonio GRANELL........... (COST Action FA1106)


Date: 9th to 13rd Sept  2013.


Aims and objectives of the course:

Promote the use of standard DNA assembly techniques in Plant Biotechnology.

Promote the exchange of genetic parts and information among European laboratories.

Train plant researchers in EU in advanced DNA assembly techniques

Foster applied research in Plant Metabolic Engineering and Fruit Biotechnology in Europe.




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