WG3 meeting

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 to Friday, September 5, 2014
Working Group Meeting

2nd WG3 Meeting Announcement

We are planning a 2.5 day meeting of WG3 in Warsaw, Poland on Sep. 3-5.2014

The title of this meeting:

How can plant metabolomics research benefit

from the systems biology revolution?”

The meeting will include 8-10 invited speakers that specialize in plant systems biology. To date we have 8 invited speakers that will present their work in this meeting (see below).

In order to encourage young scientists working on plant systems biology to attend this meeting, we are planning a session of 15 minute short talks by young scientists (graduate students towards completion of their PhD work, postdocs and young independent scientists). This session/s will include approximately 10 speakers.

Candidates should please send a short abstract (max of 200 words) with details on their position and affiliation.

The abstracts should be sent by June 30 to

Michal Oren-Shamir (vhshamir@agri.gov.il)   or

Oren Tzfadia oren.tzfadia@weizmann.ac.il    (as an attached word file).

We would like to emphasize that the talks should be directly related to the topic of this meeting. All ESR speakers from countries being part of the COST Action will be funded according to the COST rules.

The final part of the meeting will be a discussion organized by a panel of scientists under the topic: "Bridging the rift between plant biologists and systems biology".  

If you want to participate to the meeting without presenting, please send an email stating your interest to Michal Oren Shamir. Although we cannot guarantee funding of these participants, everybody is welcome to join.


Invited speakers that have confirmed their participation:


1. Rob Last (Michigan State U.)

Tentative title: Genetic dissection and biochemical reconstruction of plant defensive metabolites in tomato trichomes.

2. Gad Galili (Weizmann Institute)

Talk title: The adjustment of plant cell biology and metabolism to stresses causing senescence and energy deprivation.

3. Alisdair Fernie (Max Planck Institute of molecular plant physiology)

Talk title: Phenotypic networks in tomato fruit.

4. Asaph Aharoni (Weizmann Institute)

5. Kristina Gruden (Humboldt University)

Talk title: Systems biology of plant signaling response to viral infection

6. Oren Tzfadia

Talk title: Functional annotation of newly sequenced genomes.

7. Erik Alexandersson (SLU)

Talk title: Evaluation and integration of functional annotation pipelines for non-model organisms: the potato genome as a test case

8. Wolfram Weckwerth (Universitat Wien)




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