Working Groups

Working Groups (WG) are subgroups within a given Action with the task to focus on specific questions in the working program (see Annex to the MoU). Participation in a WG is not connected to a membership in the Management Committee.

Currently, there are three WGs within this Action:

WG1: Status quo and road map

WG1 leaders: Paul Fraser and Ludger Wessjohann

  • Defining the status quo of current plant natural products (PNP) research in Europe and developing a road map for future research foci
  • Development of standards for databases and computational tools in PNP research
  • Establishing plant metabolic engineering resources and expertises.

WG2: Molecular tools

WG2 leaders: Antonella Leone and Mariana Sottomayor

  • Identification of bottlenecks in metabolic pathways and development of shortcuts for unknown reaction steps
  • Engineering of pathway steps and enzymes for more efficient production of valuable compounds
  • Establishing and disseminate transformation techniques for plants and tissue cultures to enable the generation of efficient production hosts

WG3: System engineering approach

WG3 leaders: Michal Oren-Shamir and Fragiskos Kolisis

  • Understanding major switches influencing PNP pathways
  • Indentifying ways to control metabolic flux in PNP networks and apply system engineering approaches
  • Understanding and reducing degradation processes of PNP of interest


If you want to learn more about the WGs, please refer to the FA1006-MoU.pdf or contact the WG leaders.


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